Art therapy care for women and men


Manyseniors go through moments of confusion, anxiety, emotional unrest or aging-related concerns.

It is an age when one seeks to overcome disturbing emotions for a more balanced life.

Art therapy is a non-verbal psychotherapeutic method that is effective in enhancing well-being in the elderly.

The therapist uses various artistic practices such as dance and movement, drawing and painting, to facilitate the exteriorization of the patient’s inner world.

Applying this method, the client is able to express and perceive deep emotions and adapt to the age related changes.

Psychothérapeute personne agee à Lausanne : Art thérapie pour séniors

Why therapy

could change your life

For some people, a conventional verbal therapy is enough.

But for others, who are affected in their physical or psychological functioning, Art Therapy is especially helpful.

Memory disorders, loss of patience or confusion can be treated by this kind of therapy.

Through creativity it is possible to relieve elderly people’s distress without having to speak.

Psychologue seniors lausanne -art therapie lausanne personnes agées danse et mouvement

A channel of expression

We help the patient express difficult emotions with the aim of facilitating communication and finding a way to be more tranquil.

The body set in movement, regardless of a person’s abilities, enhances cognitive skills.

When a client succeeds in giving a meaning to his life, he/she finds a framework and logic in a world that may have become noisy and chaotic.

This form of therapeutic work allows deep emotions to be accessed without removing established defense mechanisms which are necessary to daily life.


Applied techniques

We use different tools when taking care of elderly people :

Artistic expression and the experience of pleasant moments improve the emotional state and mitigate disturbances due to anxiety.

Rhythmic movement, physical exercises and musical accompaniment stimulate the memory, the attention, and reduce unrest and stress due to aging.

Dance and movement helps maintain stability and coordination as well as motor abilities that tend to disappear in old age.

The therapeutic relationship restores the client’s confidence in his/her communication skills.

Relaxation fosters sensations of calm and well-being. Music and rhythm together reconnects the client to his/her mental, emotional and physical resources.

Psychologue seniors lausanne -art therapie lausanne personnes agées danse et mouvement


At the physical level: Coordination and blood circulation are improved by bodywork and movement. Symptoms of chronic pain are reduced. Flexibility as well as body posture are trained. 

At the cognitive level: Dance Movement Therapy encourages the client to express in a creative way, thus reinforcing the cognitive process. Learning new movements stimulates the brain and keeps the memory active. 

At the emotional level: Support provided by the therapist reduces anxiety and facilitates communication. Relaxation is there to focus on positive emotions and thoughts.

At the social level: In case of memory loss and diminished attachment, gestures are a form of expression and communication when words are missing.

This art of therapy may also treat chronic pain, Alzheimer, memory loss, symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, depression, stress, isolation, social withdrawal and reduced motor abilities.

Psychothérapeute personne agee à Lausanne : Art thérapie pour séniors

Benefits of Art Therapy for seniors

L’art thérapie :

  • Stabilizes the mood
  • Preserves the immune system
  • Maintains motor abilities
  • Reinforces memory
  • Helps in performing daily activities
  • Facilitates communication and sociability